Hunter Biden And Paul Pelosi’s Biographies Are “Strikingly Similar”

Biden and Pelosi’s sons have benefited enormously from their parents’ strong positions by taking high-paying jobs at corrupt institutions. Hunter Biden and Paul Pelosi are around the same age, and they both have minimal experience in running a business. Many of these board positions and honorific titles aren’t quite “jobs.”

Paul Pelosi worked for a firm that sold millions of Americans’ personal information to fraudsters, who then used the information to defraud elderly individuals out of their life savings. While at InfoUSA, they sold a list of 500,000 gamblers over 55 dubbed ‘Oldies but Goodies,’ which branded its members as “gullible.” ‘Suffering Seniors’ lists of seniors with cancer or Alzheimer’s disease were also offered by the corporation.

Vinod Gupta is the former CEO of InfoUSA, a firm that created a database used by marketers to sell anything from consumer goods to politicians. Gupta found himself in a larger-than-life situation. He utilized insurance to pay $13 million to settle a lawsuit alleging that he sold his firm for too low a price, and he spent $12 million in loans to resolve shareholder complaints.

Nancy Pelosi knows a lot about why the Capitol wasn’t protected on Jan. 6, 2021, but she won’t hand over any documents. Reps. Adam Schiff, Adam Kinzinger, and Liz Cheney appear to be uninterested in Pelosi but instead, go after anyone who knows Donald Trump. It’s strange how much it sounds like Hunter Biden, what with all his foreign pals and questionable business dealings, some of which appear to be on behalf of the Biden criminal family.

Furthermore, the media is unconcerned with Pelosi because they are only campaigning for Democrats and attempting to delegitimize Trump and the GOP. They know how unpopular Biden and the Democratic Party’s policies are. Hence, they continue to imply that a rally in which an officer shot one unarmed protester was an armed insurgency. For a long time, the media has ignored the truth and corruption. Only the Democrats have power.