Human Rights Violations And Massive Invasion At Our Own Border Is Hurting Our Communities

The US has the wealthiest, most sophisticated and vicious cartels at the border, who use cutting-edge technology to monitor the side of the border and transport millions of impoverished people through. Their government still refuses to issue this year’s ICE Immigration Enforcement report, but early figures present a disturbing picture. Perhaps renaming Texas or Arizona “Ukraine” might pique Republicans’ interest in the matter.

According to the US Department of Homeland Security, border patrol apprehensions of certain offenders have increased considerably since President Joe Biden assumed office. Border Patrol personnel are on track to unleash about 700,000 illegal aliens into our nation in a single year. Because of this open invitation, the cartels have carefully diverted their agents with childcare while bringing in thousands of individuals.

Moreover, every boatload of phony refugees that the agents are obliged to deal with is a deliberate scheme by drug gangs to cross dangerous persons. That constitutes an invasion. Those individuals pay the cartels a lot of money to be crossed strategically and covertly. It’s difficult to see CBP apprehending more than a sliver of these crooks.

ICE seized illegal immigrants who had accumulated a total of 542,798 felony convictions and arrests. This data excludes criminal charge categories with fewer than 1,000 cases. More than one million illegal aliens had already received final deportation orders as of 2018. That means that over 3 million criminal immigrants are allowed to remain in the nation permanently without being deported.

Even if people concentrated only on the evil folks, they wouldn’t make a dent. Since the fiscal year 2018, they’ve captured 3.7 million people at the border. The vast majority of them were likely freed and many more who were never documented escaped from authorities. In 2019, the New York Bureau Field Office of ICE submitted 7,526 detainers for foreign offenders, resulting in 17,873 criminal convictions and 6,500 criminal charges.

In January, Todd Bensman reported living from the Mexico-Guatemala border that the United Nations was handing out monetary aid to entice migrants to cross our border. This invasion enables excessive quantities of crime, narcotics, trafficking and gang and cartel activities along our border and in every major American city. Ranchers on the land are always afraid. It is a breach of their oaths of office for GOP lawmakers to worry about what the media tells them to while neglecting people’s hardship.