Hulk Hogan Saves Teen From Flipped Car, Praises God

Retired WWE professional wrestler Hulk Hogan and a friend rescued a teenage girl in Florida Sunday trapped in her flipped over car after a car accident.

Hogan took to social media the following day to talk about the wild incident in a post on X, formerly Twitter. He said he used a special ballpoint pen to puncture the airbags to get the girl out of her car safely. The pen came from Indian Rocks Christian, the church where Christians baptized Hogan and his wife into their new faith in Jesus Christ.

Hogan’s wife, yoga instructor Sky Daily, posted on Facebook to celebrate the heroic acts of her 70-year-old husband and their friend Jake Rask took to save the driver. “By all appearances, she was unscathed, just really rattled, which is an absolute miracle!” Daily wrote.

“Thank you God, all is well even now,” Hogan wrote in his post on X. An email from the Tampa Police Department Tuesday confirmed that the crash caused only minor injuries. Hogan, whose real name is Terry Bollea, lives in the Tampa Bay area and is a WWE Hall of Famer.

The accident happened because a car made a last-second swerve across lanes to catch an exit and struck a 17-year-old driver’s car, which caused it to flip over, sources told TMZ.

Without a knife handy to puncture the airbags blocking the teen driver’s way out of her overturned vehicle, Hogan did some quick thinking and used the ballpoint pen he got from his Largo, Florida parish. The wrestler — aged 70 — was baptized last month at Indian Rocks Baptist Church along with his wife.

Hogan shared pictures and videos of he and his wife’s baptism on Dec. 20 on X. “Total surrender and dedication to Jesus is the greatest day of my life,” he wrote. “No worries, no hate, no judgment … only love!” PIctures showed Hogan and his wife submerged in water and the wrestler hugging the pastor who performed the baptismal ceremony.