Howard Stern’s Disrespectful Statements On Kirstie Alley Had Political Agenda

Emmy award-winning actress, Kirstie Alley, died on Monday after a short battle with Cancer. The ‘Cheers’ star died at age 71 from colorectal cancer, which was listed as the second most common cause of death from cancer in 2022, behind lung cancer.

On Tuesday, following her passing, Howard Stern discussed her death on his talk show and blamed her anti-vax status on her death to push his political agenda further.

Alley’s passing was a shock to fans on Monday. Only her close friends and family knew she was fighting colon cancer. Her children said the cancer was short-lived and “only recently discovered.”

According to the American Cancer Society, colorectal cancer is the most lethal form among men and women. Alley’s children announced via Twitter.

Unsurprisingly, Stern had no empathy or regard for her family’s grief in this difficult time. On “The Howard Stern Show,” the radio host expressed little sadness over her passing before moving on to what he suggests is so troubling about the untimely death. He seemed more interested in pushing his political agenda by criticizing Alley’s beliefs on Covid and vaccinations.

Stern kicked off the segment with a relay of his shock when his wife told him Alley had passed. “I was all freaked out,” he said. Co-host Robin Quivers echoed Stern, saying that when she read about Alley’s death, she felt sorry since she had “warm feelings” for the actress when she previously visited the show. Stern believed that the ‘Cheers’ actress was gone too soon and didn’t seem to understand how quickly that cancer can harm people.

The political agenda quickly started to shine when Stern suggested that Alley may have avoided doctor’s visits during the pandemic and assumed a delayed diagnosis. He mentioned the actresses’ beliefs on vaccine mandates and clarified that it wasn’t necessarily an anti-vax view. “Maybe she didn’t go to the doctor soon enough when she wasn’t feeling well? But that’s complete — a story made up by us. I mean, there’s no facts behind it,” he said.

Quivers quickly corrected the radio host, saying many people have cancer that goes unnoticed until it’s too late.