‘How Weird Could It Get?’: What May Happen In The 2024 US Presidential Election

Even in the most dreadful times, one’s thoughts instinctively drift to the future as the New Year draws near. On the surface, it seems like we’re on the verge of an apocalypse, with the continuous pandemic and environmental catastrophes, as well as the existential danger posed by white nationalists. Several situations have come to mind that are reasonable possibilities.

The 2024 presidential election will not be held, according to President Biden. “Until there is no chance that the Democratic candidate might lose,” he signs an executive order outlawing all future presidential elections, “as the only way we can maintain our democracy.” Joe Biden has urged all states, towns, and precincts to abide by his executive order even if courts have found it unlawful.

The “real existential threat” of the coronavirus Upsilon Variant “rampaging” the country, Pelosi declared months before the election, would prevent voting sites from being open. As long as everyone gets their seventh booster dose, Dr. Fauci says, “We should be able to return to some type of normalcy.” Many prospective Republican candidates and supporters will be punished for not being vaccinated. Harris chuckled when asked how he might rescue democracy.

99.8% of the votes cast in battleground states between 3 and 6 a.m. go to Democrats. The Democratic candidate, Stacey Abrams, claims to be transgender. She is also the first PPPOC candidate for president, making her the first PPPOC candidate. As a follow-up, she begs Pete Buttigieg to join her on the ballot. After returning from parental leave, the former Transportation Secretary accepts. On the surface, Buttigieg’s appears to be just another white cis-gay, northern cis-male. This “Dream Ticket” would be complete but for the dwindling and more useless straight Christian male vote. First, Chasten Buttigieg becomes the second Gentleman, the first to be “married” to another man. A non-binary president has been elected!

Under this scenario, everyone running for president would have to wear a full costume, including an all-encompassing skull cover, for the campaign’s duration. For that candidate to reveal their true identity, they’ll have to wait until after the election is completed and a winner has been announced.