How To Communicate In Bidenese

Biden has been called out by many journalists for having a brain dysfunction. He has had disruptions and errors in his speech highlighted across many platforms during many of his public addresses. Recently, a content creator uploaded a video, compiling all of the Biden moments where he was unable to deliver a simple sentence properly. Saying words like excellent strength sounds like ‘nexels rent’ in his speeches makes one question his cognitive abilities. Any grown adult in his right mind knows how to deliver a speech in front of millions of people but Biden being the President of a country like the US, seems to lack the ability to provide a simple sentence without a stutter point towards speech impairment.

The corporate media has been covering up Biden’s speech impairment issues for years now. Still, it has now become inevitable to hide the impairment as being in the Presidential seat has put him under the spotlight at all times, leading to more of his flaws being highlighted and even criticized not only on the national but international level as well across global media.

Perhaps with age, such impairments can develop. With Biden having taken over the federal government at the age of 70, his cognitive abilities must be declining, which is not a very good outlook on the President.

Biden has been criticized for getting stuck mid-address and struggling to find words to continue the speech during multiple rallies and press conferences. The alliances at the national level may have ignored Biden’s deteriorating speech, but the Global Media has not missed it and is now being highlighted across borders as well. So much so, there are now videos being made by content creators mocking Biden for his incorrect and imperceptible words during speeches, naming such videos ‘How to speak Bidenese.’ Trump may not have been an excellent speech deliverer, but at least his words were always evident. Biden not only fails to utter correct words, but he also struggles to deliver his manipulated facts without struggling to find words.