How Democrats’ ‘Infrastructure’ Packages Would Devastate American Health Care

Democrats conceal healthcare reforms in bills masquerading as “infrastructure” bills, reducing more access to care. Democrats claim that the US healthcare system is unsustainable and that medical care is currently both costly and unavailable in too many cases.

Two significant health policy changes are included in the $1.2 trillion infrastructure plan, both of which restrict Americans’ access to medical care. On top of all the previous government payment cuts, the measure reinstates a 2% decrease in Medicare provider payments. Average maximum wait times grew to an unacceptable 175 days in 2017 due to payment cutbacks to Medicaid physicians.

A clause in the $1.2 trillion infrastructure package postpones the implementation of former President Trump’s Medicare Part D Rebate Rule, which would introduce competition into the prescription drug market. Delaying the rule, like payment cutbacks, keeps vitally needed medications out of reach.

By further increasing government authority, the Democrats’ ‘human infrastructure’ measure will do much more harm to health care. They claim it would waste money we don’t have and can’t afford, make promises it can’t meet, and take the personal choice out of medical decision-making. The Medicare Trust Fund will go bankrupt by 2026, even if no additional spending is added. Adding more advantages will speed up the day of reckoning.

For the same reason that doctors oppose Medicaid expansion, the American Dental Association vehemently opposes expanded Medicare coverage. When federal payment schedules are less than the cost of doing business for doctors or dentists, they cannot take new Medicare or Medicaid customers. States that expanded Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act saw an increase in insurance coverage but decreased access to care. In contrast, Medicaid participants in Texas, one of the 12 states that did not expand, did not suffer.

Republican governors in states like Texas and Illinois, who refuse to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) to their citizens, would be bypassed by the $5 trillion infrastructure package. 752 Medicaid recipients died in Illinois while waiting in line for medical attention, while 47,000 American veterans with government-provided Tricare insurance could not obtain life-saving treatment in time.

Politicians in Washington pretend to know what is suitable for people better than the people themselves, and they take away our freedom of choice. The more Washington rules and controls their lives, the fewer care people get and the fewer liberties they have. Washington can provide insurance coverage. However, Washington is unable to provide prompt and life-saving medical care.