Hillary Clinton Is Guiding Kamala Harris On ‘How To Be Popular’

According to a source, Vice President Kamala Harris seeks counsel from Hillary Clinton on charting “a way ahead.” Harris and Clinton talked on the phone every few months and met in November at the vice president’s West Wing office. According to the New York Times, when Harris arrived in Washington, she sought Clinton, the first female Democratic presidential contender, and other women.

Moreover, Kamala Harris confided in Hillary Clinton about her challenges as California’s secretary of state. The White House has resisted withering criticism for what campaigners claim is a lack of attention on both fronts. It reminds us that Hillary and Kamala have always been very close, dating back to when Kamala learned ‘politics’ at the knee of Willie Brown.

Furthermore, Hillary Clinton’s contributors heavily supported Kamala Harris’ campaign, and she possibly represented the Democratic party’s pocket-lining, finger-to-the-wind Hillary Clinton side. Her voice has a wooden quality to it, she drones like no one’s business, and her hair is typically a filthy, stringy, unclean mess. It’s a puzzle why anyone would seek her advice on being famous. If that wasn’t enough of a red flag, Hillary lost the election to brash outsider Donald Trump when all the experts said she would win.

It isn’t exactly breaking news. Hillary has mentored Kamala throughout her vice-presidential term. The team in charge of making Hillary Clinton “likable” is sure that it can do the same with this one. Making Kamala likable has to mimic one of Hercules’ or Sisyphus’ labors.

Kamala Harris produced a film promoting space exploration after hiring a crisis communications guru with links to Hillary Clinton. It demonstrates that she is a fool who keeps doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome. She seeks one of the most disliked politicians in the United States for guidance on being famous, demonstrating that she lacks judgment and a sense of survival.