High School is Now Openly Embracing Satanism

The American public education system continues to take a turn that many parents and other concerned citizens just aren’t pleased with.

For starters, schools are putting up “defund the police” signs, referring to students by their genitalia, and claiming that men can experience menstruation and pregnancy. One also can’t forget about schools putting through lesson plans about alternate pronouns.

That comes on top of critical race theory’s emergence in various curricula. Despite parents making it clear they don’t want their children exposed to this type of content, the situation is only getting worse.

Now, one high school in Pennsylvania is openly embracing Satan.

A Dark Day For Public Education in America
Pennsylvania’s Northern High School has been given the all-clear to have an “After School Satan Club” hosted by The Satanic Temple, beginning next month. This approval occurred just last week, courtesy of the Northern York County School District.

As one might expect, many parents aren’t too keen on Satan being normalized to their high school kids. Several parents sounded the alarm about the influence this will have on students attending Northern High School.

According to one parent, the removal of Christ from schools has now created the ushering in of the Devil. Another mother told the media that welcoming evil into Northern High School is unacceptable and not something anyone should stand for.

Concerns have also spread about whether or not other high schools (or even middle and elementary schools) may take a page out of Northern High School’s book.

This latest development comes as growing numbers of Americans warn that a war against children is very much active.

A Statement from The Satanic Temple
In a public statement, The Satanic Temple was clear that it doesn’t see what all the fuss is about. According to the organization, the After School Satan Club coming in September is nothing more than an exercise of the First Amendment.

The Satanic Temple also pushed back against concerned parents with claims that exposing high school kids to Satan is an act of “upholding” US democracy.

Previously, The Satanic Temple came under fire for calling itself a “beacon of light” amid throwing weight behind policies that allow abortion on demand.