Hey Ukraine, Can We Please Borrow Your President?

The president of the US hasn’t worked since he was inaugurated, and he’s well over his expiration date. Ukraine’s president could most likely accomplish the job from afar. It will improve if he vetoes everything the present Congress gives him. He must return him to China. And all they do is put people on hold while playing awful music.

People are pretty dissatisfied with the organization that produced the present president. They will most likely change suppliers for him and several other roles. In addition, they are reconsidering the whole procurement process to ensure that remuneration is reasonable. Perhaps they can come up with something in the shape of missiles, planes and armored vehicles.

According to the reports, President Biden made two critical conversations about the situation in Russia and Ukraine. The overwhelming message was togetherness, drive and resolution on both calls. People have heard reports of a significant increase in ceasefire violations by Russian-backed rebels aiming to provoke Ukraine in the Donbas during the previous several days. It defies sense to assume that Ukraine would choose to escalate a year-long battle now, with 150,000 troops stationed on its borders.

The United States and its allies are ready to defend every inch of NATO territory against any threat to their common security. They’re calling out Russia’s ambitions loudly and often, not because they want a war, but because they’re doing all they can to remove any justification Russia may offer for invading Ukraine. If Russia goes forward with its objectives, it will be accountable for a disastrous and unnecessary war of choice.

Russia must choose between conflict and all of the agonies it will bring or diplomacy to make everyone’s future safer. If Russia takes military action before that date, the door to diplomacy will be closed. They will have chosen war, paying a high price for it. There will be some minor modifications, but none will be significant. There will be more additions than subtractions. He is intent on persuading the world that he has the potential to transform the dynamics of Europe in ways that he cannot.