Here’s How We Know Joe Biden’s Meeting With House Democratic Caucus Was An Epic Failure

The Democrats are still in chaos, trying to iron out their differences over infrastructure and reconciliation legislation. President Joe Biden met with House Democrats earlier today in an attempt to address the current disputes, as well as what he said afterward.

At the annual Gridiron Club conference in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday, U.S. President Joe Biden met with key members of the House Democratic caucus. No press questions were taken, which would be a portent of things to come during the closed-door meeting and after that. According to a reporter, Biden offered his two cents on the situation, but it was unclear whether his words were planned, as is frequently the case when he speaks in front of an audience.

President Joe Biden volunteered to accept questions from members of the House Democratic Caucus, but his aides “jumped in” and shut him off, according to Democratic Rep. Lois Fran Ferris. Ferris continued, explaining that his team didn’t want him to jeopardize whatever progress he’d made with Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema over the “topline figures.”

After meeting with President Biden, Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin and Arizona Rep. Kyrsten Sinema remains in the driver’s seat. Still, he emphasized that a timeframe for “getting this done” is no longer critical. The White House has been compiling a list of all the many projects that they ‘do’ support, and there is an estimate of $1.9-$2.3 trillion that will cost.

Joe Biden was recorded yelling at a reporter who asked why he couldn’t bring the Democratic Party together. The reporter also inquired why the House of Representatives is taking so long to enact an infrastructure plan. Biden blasts mention a timetable for moving the infrastructure bill through the Senate before yelling at the reporter.

“The Democrat Civil War” has officially begun, and people are ready for it, significantly since it’s intensifying as they approach the 2022 midterm elections. House and Senate Democrats and their numerous fighting factions are in “catastrophic” mode, with no end in sight.