Where In The World Is Kamala Harris?

When Kamala Harris does make the headlines, it’s usually for the wrong reasons, as when she lets out her Kraken cackle in response to even remotely tough questions. The bootlicking media is content to keep President Joe Biden’s absence under wraps the remainder of the time because what else are they going to do?

Kamala Harris was once referred to as a member of the “Biden-Harris Administration” by her employer. Since Dan Quayle, she has been considered as the most low-profile person to occupy the position. According to the Telegraph, she has been kept out of the spotlight to spare Bush’s blushes.

It was previously wondered if White House mistrust of Kamala Harris was why she was tasked with “fixing” the border problem, which was a terrible job on numerous levels. The first is that there is no such thing as a fix with Democrats in power. The second is that Harris has a 27.8% approval rating outside of the spotlight and can’t even muster 30% favorability when she’s not in the spotlight.

The first degree of insanity is that the White House does not want to fix the border situation. Instead, they want to exacerbate it. The second level is that the border was politically a lose-lose situation for Harris, as any progress would irritate her “woke” and “progressive” supporters. If she fails, she will lose all of her moderate allies, which she will need in the future to further her presidential ambitions.

This week, Kamala Harris, America’s Secretary of State, is in France to strengthen ties with America’s Oldest Ally. Since Joe Biden decided to reverse a $65 billion submarine contract between France and Australia, Franco-American ties have been strained. The NATO alliance, which is already disintegrating, hasn’t been in this poor form since Charles de Gaulle expelled NATO soldiers from France in the 1960s. Jens Stoltenberg, Secretary-General of NATO, stated That the American people have larger fish to fry, assuming we can afford the fish or even the frying oil.