Has Gretchen Whitmer Met Her Match?

Democrat Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is one of the most recognized faces of the COVID-19 lockdown fiasco of 2020. Her dictatorial policies and hypocritical actions over the last year and a half will make for an exciting reelection campaign in 2022. Many of the Michiganders who have run out of patience with her are looking for someone to replace her.

Michigan, like New York, California, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, is being run into the ground by overzealous Democrat autocrats in certain positions and urban centers.

The Michigan Republican Party would do well to nominate a good law and order, no-nonsense candidate for the Gubernatorial race. James Craig, the former Detroit police chief, officially announced that he would be seeking the Republican nomination. On “Tucker Carlson Tonight,”’ he called out the failed leadership of Whitmer and put her on notice.

The Michigan House and the Senate are Republican because of the efforts of former Governor John Engler. In 2000, the census created redistricting, which he deftly used to the GOP’s advantage. But the legislative branch has not served as a hard brake on the ambitions of Whitmer.

Craig may be just the man to give her the boot next year. He has taken the first step and formed the customary fund-raising group and exploratory committee. Let us see what his platform, policies, personnel, and plan will be. Rather than running simply to raise the money, he must be serious about fixing a state that is important to the future electoral prospects of conservatives across the nation.

Recently retired, Craig is the consummate law enforcement professional. With leadership positions in Cincinnati, OH, Portland, OR, and most recently Detroit, MI, he is highly qualified and familiar with the inner workings of government. Dealing with big cities and crime is a significant issue for many states. In the wake of protests and riots about George Floyd’s horrible death while being arrested by a police officer in Minneapolis, MN, racial hatred is high.

A strong African American who “protected and served for 44 years” may be part of the solution in Michigan and a voice we need to listen to across the country.

Craig will need to win a primary against other candidates, such as Garrett Soldano, the founder of Unlock Michigan. Soldano helped to get a petition used to initiate legislation that ended Whitmer’s abuse of the Emergency Powers law. Throwing party support behind Craig without going through the process is a bad idea. Even if he is an appealing candidate, Soldano has proven his ability to accomplish significant goals as a political novice.

He announced, “We launched today Chief James Craig For Governor Exploratory Committee. We know what happened last year when other cities were burning, Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago but Detroit did not burn.”