Harmeet Dhillon ‘Tired Of Losing’ — Aims For RNC Chair

Harmeet Dhillon, currently an RNC National Committee member, announced on Monday her bid to challenge current chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel for the leading role.

Appearing on Fox News with host Tucker Carlson, Dhillon declared that “Republicans are tired of losing.” The San Francisco-based attorney, who is also the founder of the Center for American Liberty, said the GOP needs to “radically reshape our leadership.”

Dhillon, who has close ties with former President Donald Trump, will now oppose McDaniel’s bid for a third term as the RNC chair. The incumbent recently reported she has secured the support of multiple prominent state GOP chairmen.

In fact, an endorsement letter circulating through the RNC stated that at least 100 organization members support McDaniel’s campaign for reelection. A simple majority of the 168 committee members is needed to secure the chair.

However, the challenger is undaunted. Dhillon proclaimed that “grassroots Republicans, donors, and fellow RNC members” have reached out to her since the disappointing midterm results rattled the party.

Following successive less-than-stellar election cycles, she said that an “honest dialogue” is necessary to find the formula that will work for victory in 2024.

Dhillon expressed hope that the RNC can unite and listen to “actual Republican voters” and realize that they want — and demand — change.” The GOP was widely expected to sweep the midterms and secure a strong majority in the House and possibly Senate.

That “red wave” did not surge over Washington, however, even with a weak and unpopular president leading the Democratic Party. Many now wonder about the direction of the GOP and call for “new blood.”

Republicans, she asserted, must “modernize” fund-raising as well as the way ballots are delivered to the ballot box. Further, Dhillon said that the GOP has become a populist party whose base demands messages that do not come from the Chamber of Commerce.

Dhillon will not be the only candidate vying for McDaniel’s position. Rep. Lee Zeldin, who came up short in his bid for New York governor, has been exploring the possibility, along with MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell. The vote is expected to occur next month during the RNC winter meeting.