Half A Million Americans Have ‘Lost Their Lives’ Because Of COVID Under Biden’s Leadership

On December 27, 2021, more COVID deaths were under his watch than under Trump’s. Joe Biden thought he had the COVID virus under control last summer. However, cases and fatalities returned in waves. He’s now hit a new bleak milestone.

On January 9, 2020, the first official fatality from COVID-19 was reported in the United States. At least 408,593 Americans have died on Joe Biden’s watch, compared to 408,450 under Donald Trump. This bleak milestone comes just days after Biden conceded that “nothing has been good enough” in his answer to COVID.

Joe Biden attacked Donald Trump for the deaths of about 200,000 Americans from COVID during the last presidential debate last year, saying that “anyone responsible for that many lives should not be President of America.” Despite inheriting three vaccinations and professing to have a strategy to “bring this virus under control,” more people have died under Biden’s watch and at a quicker rate.

Moreover, since the epidemic’s beginning, more than 909,018 Americans have died from COVID. Joe Biden regularly stated throughout his presidential campaign that he would “shut down the virus” and that Donald Trump lacked a strategy to “bring this infection under control.”

On January 20, 2017, President Joe Biden was inaugurated as President of the United States, claiming to have a strategy to “bring this virus under control.” However, more people have died from COVID under his presidency than Donald Trump’s. Despite inheriting three vaccinations and claiming to have an “action plan,” only one has proven effective so far, and it isn’t working.

It has long been apparent and evident, but the authorities have mostly disregarded it, and now they have an election and a furious electorate to show it. People still don’t trust anything they say. The new data can’t be trusted any more than the old.