Guess Where Biden’s Hanging Out This Weekend While Putin’s Ukrainian Slaughter Continues

Joe Biden’s travel to Ukraine demonstrates that the president is more interested in having ice cream at his favorite ice cream store for the weekend than in facing Vladimir Putin. When has the Biden White House ever demonstrated that it cares about where Joe is or what he does?

According to the reports, President Joe Biden was set to fly to Delaware on Friday evening for a “relaxing weekend” at his family’s Delaware residence. Biden has spent 35 weekends in Delaware since assuming office and he plans to spend this weekend there as well. Despite bipartisan requests for an emergency aid package for Ukraine, both the House and Senate are “recessed for the weekend.”

On Friday, Biden’s Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, stated that NATO is “ready” for battle with Russia if required. It comes after Russian soldiers destroyed Europe’s largest nuclear power facility in Ukraine, a “war crime” according to the US Embassy in Kyiv but later on.

Moreover, Blinken stated that the moment for sanctions against Russia had not yet come, despite Russia’s warning that “the countdown to invasion had begun.” The goal of sanctions is to prevent Russian aggression. Therefore, the deterrent impact is lost if imposed now. Anyway, here’s a question for Blinken: Isn’t the “essential” ship long gone?

All of the things they’re doing, including uniting Europe, have tremendous ramifications for Russia, he argues and are intended to enter into President Putin’s assessment. He continues, “They are pursuing diplomacy at the same time they are pursuing diplomacy.” One of the most annoying aspects is that they don’t seem to care how idiotic their comments appear when they blow up in their faces. Secretary-General of NATO Jens Stoltenberg stated that they are not looking for conflict. But if a crisis arises, they will be ready to defend every inch of NATO territory.

Therefore, the State Department of Blinken ordered US embassies across Europe not to republish a tweet from the US Embassy in Kyiv that labeled Russia’s attack on a nuclear reactor a “war crime.” The embassy’s reply was unequivocal: Attacking a nuclear power station constitutes a war crime. Ukraine is not a NATO member.

According to The Post, Blinken’s State Department looked to be in near-panic about a remark by one of its embassies: “Do not/do not RT Embassy Kyiv’s tweet on the bombardment of the facility being a probable war crime.” If people retweeted it, please un-retweet it as soon as possible. A State Department spokeswoman subsequently informed The Washington Post that the department was “assessing the facts of this operation.” The final word. It’s still a swine. It will always be a pig, from Ukraine to Afghanistan to the United States’ southern border and everything in between.