Green Energy Fanatics And AOC Have Ukrainian ‘Blood On Their Hands’

With Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Green New Deal may now be formally dubbed the Red New Deal. At the time of writing, 198 Ukrainians had been murdered in Russia’s assaults, with three of the dead being minors. Over 50,000 Ukrainians have fled the nation or sought refuge underground as major cities have been shelled.

Vitaly Skakun, a Ukrainian Marine Battalion Engineer, died opposing the Russian invasion by destroying the Henichesk bridge in the Kherson area. When ordered to stand down and surrender on Snake Island in the Black Sea, Ukrainian border guards instructed an invading Russian cruiser to “go f*ck yourselves.” Each of the thirteen troops was slain.

Moreover, Hillary Clinton and the Democratic media complex are doing everything to divert attention away from the issue by blaming Donald Trump. According to a recent Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll study, 62% of those asked believe Putin would not be acting against Ukraine if Trump were President. A majority of Americans questioned 59% also agreed that Putin intervened in Ukraine because he sensed weakness in President Biden.

Biden’s ineffective presence and backing for a risky green energy agenda have allowed Putin to attack Ukraine. Biden’s primary priority after a half-century of experience is making foolish young-adult insults to his adversaries. Consider how all of this self-sabotage seems to Vladimir Putin.

Furthermore, after hearing Biden’s inaugural Russia sanctions presser, Andrew McCarthy argues that Biden’s anti-fossil-fuel policies, as well as his constriction of American energy output, are generating skyrocketing prices that are funding Putin’s aggressiveness in Ukraine. Smith’s piece, ironically, was published the day before Putin attacked Ukraine, so people now have a clearer idea of what this self-sabotage looks like.

Joe Biden pushed Russia to expand oil output as energy costs skyrocketed, yet America relies on Russian oil for 7% of its imports. Europe relies on Russia for 40% of its gas and 25% of its crude oil. Retaliation against Russia may prompt Putin to turn off the taps, raising higher oil prices and leaving Europe without electricity. Not that Hillary Clinton, AOC, or any other delusory green energy Democrat will confess it.

Therefore, Leftist propaganda is especially repulsive during times of conflict, and Democrats and the mainstream media’s incapacity to self-reflect in such a catastrophic scenario tells volumes about what they truly stand for. Isn’t it ironic that Putin’s primary motive for invading Ukraine is to weed out bogeyman Nazis and white supremacists?

Perhaps it would aid his cause if he searched for Ukrainian Trump followers and MAGA hat-wearers? The American Oil Company (AOC) halted about 3 million barrels of oil output each day. That isn’t simply a green pipe dream. It leads to deaths. “When you do that, people die,” says Victor Davis Hanson, co-creator of ‘The Squad.’