Government’s Inefficiency Gets ‘Exposed Through A Scam’ That Was Running From A California Prison

Daryl is serving a nearly 25-year term for robbery and attempted robbery as a repeat offender, while Telvin receives a 15-year sentence for robbery with a pistol. Consider this: the governments are so inept that they provide COVID unemployment benefits to persons who inmates produced.

Two COVID employees falsely claimed that they and others on the outside had been working at low-wage, cash-based occupations until COVID laid them off. They constructed bogus email accounts for these persons and then utilized street addresses all around Southern California to receive debit cards from the government. The officials might theoretically have linked names to addresses in this hyper-computerized age, but they didn’t. Debit cards are also interchangeable. A check must be deposited or cashed in a particular location, but debit cards may be used anywhere and are completely untraceable.

Moreover, Richmond and Breaux filed a $25 million lawsuit and were awarded $5 million due to their efforts. The money was subsequently spent on automobiles, furnishings, jewelry, and handbags. According to the Associated Press, California has discovered $5 million of a $20 billion in unemployment benefits scam. According to the Associated Press, victims include death row convicts and even US Senator Dianne Feinstein. The system is designed to facilitate criminality, and that $20 billion is your money. When people spend their own money, they pay close attention to price and quality.

Therefore they have no reason to focus simply on the quality of what they’re getting when they spend other people’s money on themself. When people spend someone else’s money on them, they may be more concerned with the actual quality, but they will be more worried about the price. In this scenario, the officials in charge of disbursing taxpayer funds are unconcerned. They satisfy their employment requirements, complete the necessary paperwork, and persevere to receive their salaries and pensions.