Gov. Ron DeSantis Refused Biden’s Request To Deploy National Guards To Protect State Of The Union

President Joe Biden’s proposal to send Florida National Guardsmen to the nation’s capital for the State of the Union Address was refused by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. He tweeted on Monday:

For President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration, at least 700 National Guard troops, security fences and tactical vehicles will be stationed in DC tonight. Members of numerous trucker convoys are scheduled to begin driving around or into DC between now and March 5, in addition to the State of the Union speech.

The United States cross-country trucker convoy, which was organized to demand an end to all dictatorial COVID requirements and limitations, is on schedule to arrive on the outskirts of Washington DC on March 5. On Monday night, the so-called “People’s Convoy,” which began in southern California on Feb. 23, arrived in Cuba, Missouri, for an overnight stop.

The “People’s Convoy” is a cross-country demonstration against the coronavirus-related state of emergency. The truckers aim to have all remaining mandates, prohibitions and COVID-related obligations in the United States eliminated. The truckers have been welcomed along the trip by supporters waving American flags and holding up banners alongside the road and on overpasses.

The People’s Convoy is a big group of semi-trucks and other vehicles traveling toward Washington, DC. They claim that forcing patients to take experimental medicine violates their autonomy. Federal authorities have responded by erecting fences around the Capitol and mobilizing National Guard personnel.

Furthermore, supporters of the convoy advocate for the gathering of blue-collar workers to advocate for all Americans’ freedom to make their own medical decisions. Some conservative critics have claimed that the convoy may cause more harm than good, as the White House prepares to deploy National Guardsmen and set up fences in the event of a fight. Many people are concerned about repeating the authoritarian methods conducted against Canada’s Freedom Convoy. Some of the bluest states and towns have already repealed COVID mandates. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States has withdrawn its advice on mask regulations.