Gov. Ron DeSantis Offers Some ‘Quality Advice’ About The Mob Following The Joe Rogan Controversies

Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida offers sound advice for everyone, especially after podcast host Joe Rogan did what you shouldn’t do. It’s critical to remain on top of your Ps and Qs in the aftermath of the “controversies” he’s been involved in.

According to DeSantis, Rogan shouldn’t have apologized for his statements on the COVID vaccine. He’s simply bringing competing viewpoints to the table. He’s deferring to the public’s judgment. DeSantis claims that he is opposed to the COVID vaccination. “They’re going for Rogan because he’s upsetting the applecart. Don’t back down, don’t apologize. Don’t listen to the horde. Tell them to pound sand and stand up.” DeSantis said. According to DeSantis, they only have authority if you give them your goat.

Moreover, lockdowns in the spring of 2020 lowered COVID death rates by only 0.2 percent in Europe and the United States, according to recent research. They will never confess that they were mistaken. It’ll just go on to the next task and create the following story. The Governor reacted to broadcaster Brian Stelter’s allegation that conservative talk show host Joe Rogan is getting more attention than conventional news channels like his.

Gov. Ron DeSantis’ left nostril is his right nostril. He can’t breathe out of it without legacy media talking heads yelling about how he despises anyone with the opposite nostril. He is a prominent target for lefties of all stripes because of his efficiency in combating the left’s agenda. He is frequently subjected to false assaults on him as a Governor and person.

According to Ron DeSantis, an apology is merely a signal to these individuals that you’re bleeding, and they’ll go in for the kill like sharks. The radical left isn’t searching for fairness or evidence to amend the record. It all comes down to narrative hegemony. Because Rogan represents a challenge to their narrative, they will tolerate nothing less than complete suppression.