Gov. Ron DeSantis Announces $1 Billion As Gas Tax Relief To Fight Inflation In Florida

To offer $1 Billion in aid, the state legislature will suspend the state’s gas tax. Gov. Ron DeSantis blamed rising consumer costs on “inflationary policies out of Washington.” The cost of a Thanksgiving meal has increased by more than 20% since last year.

In the previous week, the average price of a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline in Florida has risen 10 cents to $3.36. Gas is $1.31 more costly today than it was a year ago, according to the governor. According to WPLG-TV, this is the highest gas price in Florida since September 2014.

“We believe that this is a major issue for working families in Florida. It affects everyone, but it is especially bad for blue-collar workers and those on a fixed income,” according to DeSantis.

Florida residents may save up to $200 per month if the state’s gas tax is suspended. The governor claims he has met with business leaders to ensure that gas costs fall once the tax break is implemented.

Moreover, DeSantis stated that Florida merchants agreed to decrease prices “because they make a lot of money when people come into their stores.” He went on to say that state budget surpluses have put Florida in an “excellent financial position” and that delaying the gas tax will not prevent the state from investing in infrastructure.

According to AAA, this Thanksgiving, drivers will not be thankful for rising gas costs. Crude oil and gasoline futures decreased last week. Gas costs should fall as a result, according to the organization.

The Federal Trade Commission will investigate whether fuel companies improperly raise prices. President Joe Biden blamed rising costs on oil and gas firms’ “anti-consumer activity.” According to economists, the rising prices witnessed at gas stations around the country result from more Americans requiring petroleum for travel.