GOP Proposed Bill Would Give Children Transgender Transitioners Legal Recourse

With transgenderism on the rise, legislation is being introduced by Republicans in order to give minors justice with insane gender-transition procedures.

The GOP Study Committee Chair Jim Banks joined forces with Congressman Doug LaMalfa two bring forth the “Protecting Minors from Medical Malpractice Act. In the Senate, Senator Tom Cotton spearheads a similar version of the bill.

If passed, the legislation would give people who underwent gender-transition procedures done to them as minors the ability to sue the medical professionals who did the operations on them. In addition, a prominent 30-year statute of limitations would help with issues surfacing after years down the road.

Horror stories of minors who transitioned are coming to light and many on the right point out how asinine it is to put children through life-altering procedures when they are just that…children!

People pressured into gender procedures as minors are now speaking out about life-hindering medical and psychological issues they face later on in life. Sterilization is one of the most significant factors plaguing people who make big decisions before their brains have come close to complete development.

This bill also tackles the big issue of taxpayers paying for the controversial procedures. It prohibits federal health funds from being granted to states that make medical practitioners do the gender-transition procedures.

The procedures in question include puberty blockers which don’t allow a young person’s body to develop properly. Cross-sex hormones are also given. The most drastic is the surgical procedures that mutilate genitalia in both sexes and breast removal in females.

“Radical gender-changing ideologies ignore scientific evidence and put children in harm’s way,” Rep. LaMalfa from California said. “Every time a doctor performs a gender-transitioning procedure on a minor, they endanger a vulnerable child, potentially sterilize them for life, and break their oath to ‘do no harm.’

“I’m pleased to join in spearheading this legislation which will ensure a private right of action for minors who are subject to these experimental procedures and ensure that the federal government cannot force a medical practitioner to perform these procedures.”

Reports say that Democrats are twice as likely to support minors having access to life-altering hormone drugs and surgeries. The thought of allowing children to be children and will enable them to grow into adults before making drastic decisions is a lost cause for a growing number of liberals.