GOP Massachusetts Governor Vetoes Driver’s Licenses for Illegal Immigrants

A proposal by Massachusetts Democrats to allow thousands of illegal aliens to obtain state driver’s licenses has been blocked by the veto of Republican Governor Charlie Baker.

After large majorities in both houses of the state legislature approved the proposal, Baker rejected it through his veto power. He said that the plan creates significant risk that noncitizens will be allowed to register to vote if they are allowed to obtain licenses.

Baker’s concerns have been proven to be a problem in the states that provide licenses to illegal aliens. California has been allowing illegals to obtain state driver’s licenses since 2015, and fraudulent registrations and voting has since become much more prevalent there.

California’s Department of Motor Vehicles admitted in 2018 that it had automatically registered at least 1,500 ineligible persons to vote over a six month period. By the year before, the state had issued licenses to almost 1 million illegal aliens in just two years.

Gov. Baker said in his veto statement that the proposal unnecessarily restricts the state’s ability to share citizenship information with the agencies that are responsible for ensuring that only U.S. citizens be allowed to register and vote in elections in the state.

Massachusetts Democrats have announced they intend to override the governor’s veto and open up license availability as a key part of their open borders approach. The state House must initiate the override vote, and two-thirds of the entire legislature must vote to enact the bill over Baker’s veto.

State Senator Adam Gomez defended the bill, saying it will allow parents to drive kids to school and “take their kids to soccer” without the concern they might be sent away if they are pulled over by law enforcement. He said the law would give illegals a “sigh of relief.”

Leftist progressives nationwide have made state driver’s licenses for illegals a central part of their strategy to grant them legal privileges and rights reserved for American citizens and legal foreign residents.

Open border activists are also motivated to make driver’s licenses available to illegal aliens as a way to keep them out of the custody of federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). When local police officers pull over illegals, driving without a license is a primary charge that can lead directly to transfer to ICE custody for possible deportation.

Massachusetts is believed to currently have at least a quarter of a million illegal immigrants, who for now remain ineligible for state driver’s licenses.