‘Go F*** Yourself’: Dan Crenshaw Says We Need To Tell The Taliban, ‘If You Get In Our Way, We Will Kill You.’

President Joe Biden chose not to extend his departure date from Afghanistan until August 31, potentially trapping hundreds of Americans in the country. While the president appeared to be caving into the Taliban, Texas Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw, a former Navy SEAL who lost an eye in Afghanistan, had a different take. On Monday, the lawmaker Dan Crenshaw tweeted that America’s only appropriate reaction to these filthy savage terrorists should be: “Go f*** yourselves.”

In a Politico interview published Tuesday, Crenshaw expanded on his warning to radicals. He stated that Americans must communicate to the Taliban unequivocally that they will not negotiate the deadline. Moreover, it came after the Taliban threatened severe consequences if the deadline was extended or violated in any way. On Monday, the group’s spokesperson stated that the United States should not exceed the August 31 deadline. However, on Tuesday, they announced that Afghans would be unable to leave the country.

However, as the Biden administration continues its efforts to evacuate an undisclosed number of American citizens from Afghanistan, the administration has been perplexingly vague about the number of Americans evacuated thus far, leading many to doubt whether the mission will be completed until the deadline expires on Tuesday.

Moreover, according to a leaked cable, the administration has evacuated 4,400 Americans thus far, but estimates place the figure closer to 10,000. American citizens’ attempts to flee Afghanistan have also been thwarted and obstructive, with threats of violence. Furthermore, According to NBC News reporter Richard Engel, deploying evacuation efforts on the Taliban’s timetable has resulted in an embarrassing moment for the United States.