Glenn Youngkin Defeats A Pro-Abortion Democrat To Win The Governorship Of Virginia

The Republican Glenn Youngkin, a private equity executive and political outsider, has been projected to win Virginia’s governor’s race, causing a severe and unexpected blow to Biden and Democratic Party. Youngkin has defeated former Virginia governor, and Democratic Nominee Terry McAuliffe in one of the first primary elections since Biden’s inauguration. The election is going to be considered as a bellwether for the upcoming 2022 elections. 

McAulliffe seemed to have held a slight edge throughout the race, but Youngkin had closed the gap in recent days and took the lead. Since 2009, Youngkin is going to be the first GOP candidate to win in Virginia statewide. Republicans are now also being projected to win the attorney general and lieutenant governor elections. 

The victory for Youngkin is without a doubt a devastating rebuke for the Democrats because it is known to be friendly territory for the democrats. President Joe Biden won over the territory by more than 10 points and 500,000 votes last year. But with Biden’s approval ratings falling since summer, Youngkin seized the opportunity to stress parents’ rights, medical freedom, and lower taxes in the state having the worst post-covid recovery stats, framing the election as a referendum on the radical left. 

With McAuliffe’s campaign remarks about not letting the parents interfere in the schools and instructing the private sector to make life difficult for the non-vaccinated, Youngkin sought the opportunity to come forth with parents’ rights and medical freedom. His claims were all people needed to overcome Biden’s mandates, restoring people’s rights over what goes inside their bodies. Something Biden and his Democrats had no regard for. Moreover, Youngkin restored parents’ right to be concerned over their educational environment and even question it. Perhaps Youngkin’s victory is the victory not only for the Republicans but for the Virginians as well.