Gingrich Slams ‘Dictator Pelosi’ – No Respect For The Rule Of Law

The former speaker of the White House, Newt Gingrich, criticized Nancy Pelosi, present speaker of the House under Biden, for her dictatorial behavior with absolutely zero regard for the rule of law.

Gingrich made the statement during his Sunday radio interview with host John Catsimatidis. While accusing her of behaving like a dictator, he further added that Pelosi is breaking every rule of the House. But despite her repeated defiance, she continues to make her own decisions and ignore the House’s laws. It is a destructive course of action that brings nothing but chaos in the long run.

The former speaker targeted her further, saying that he had not seen any politician break rules on such a repetitive cycle as Pelosi does. He called out her leftist behavior while mentioning the southern border situation. He highlighted her leftist interests, which stand firm in front of the rule of law, and if required, will trample the rule of law to prevail. Pelosi has given multiple statements regarding the border situation, and all of them are vague and pretentious. Her words do not represent her deeds, and as a result, the nation will suffer at the hands of left-wing sympathizers like her, who are dragging the country towards corruption and enmity.

The nation is being driven towards rising inflation with continuous hikes in the prices of gasoline, food, commodities, houses, cars, etc., and on top of that, the increased taxes are on to trample the middle class. Despite this, Biden and Pelosi repeatedly attempt to pass the trillion-dollar bill without even soliciting a vote from the Republican Party. It certainly is not democracy, and Gingrich’s concerns regarding Pelosi are valid.