Gingrich Claims Pelosi Is The Biggest Threat To Constitutional Liberty In Our Generation

It is believed that Speaker Nancy Pelosi is the most significant constitutional threat Americans would face in their lifetime. She behaves more like Fidel Castro, Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin, or Nicolas Maduro and has the quiet support of a fearful caucus to back her up. Additionally, Pelosi authorized and maintained the Capitol barrier for months, despite her own party’s concerns. Among the panels, she removed a validly elected Republican who had previously served on them.

She has dictated in recent weeks who may serve on a bipartisan committee representing this minority party. Nevertheless, they are threatening to arrest members of congress as well as their workers if they do not comply with the Mask requirement established by their mandate. By inheriting the authority, arrogance, and destructiveness of the United States House, she would violate centuries of established legislative practice extending back to the Magna Carta of 1215 and the accepted assumption that those who write laws stay subject to them. Additionally, always keep in mind that the Pelosi dictatorship is only hanging on by a thread because there aren’t ten Democrats who dare to stand up for the United States Constitution, the fabric of American history, as well as their rights to serve as democratically elected, independent congress members.

However, the shortest path to removing Pelosi involves Democratic seats, which are not Fanatically radical. There are roughly 100 Democrats in the House of Representatives who represent districts whereby prostituting themselves for a Pelosi dictatorship would be politically expensive. Hence, Americans are incensed by this blatant abuse of power to undermine the precedents and patterns that have established the United States House of Representatives as a magnificent bulwark of liberty and even a paradigm for people worldwide.

Moreover, Pelosi is undermining the United States Capitol as a site of free expression and democratic participation. Furthermore, every member of the House should think about when it would be appropriate to vote to remove her from office. Therefore, a coordinated national effort should be launched to identify ten strong Democrats ready to challenge the Pelosi tyranny. Protect American liberty.

In comparison, Trump has accomplished enough to establish himself as one of the greatest presidents of all time. Indeed, Trump fulfilled an official’s obligation to answer the public’s demands. That is why Politicians are fearful. Therefore, past or current, no other person could have overcome such enormous obstacles and yet still outperformed everyone who came preceding him.