Germany Just ‘Spat’ On America’s Face Again ‘Provoking’ Biden To Challenge Them

For years, they have avoided their NATO commitments while attaching themselves to the Russians. The American left decided to stand with the Germans at every stage, alleging that applying pressure amounted to “undermining” NATO. Their hypocritical behavior, asking that the United States pay for their protection from the very country they are enriching and elevating, was a source of conflict during Donald Trump’s presidency. Here’s one conversation in which Trump chastised Germany for trying to play both sides.

Moreover, Biden’s foreign policy of giving Europeans what they want without asking for anything in return has empowered them to spit in the face of the US. Instead of embracing that common sense approach, the American left (and neoconservative right) held its pearls and sided with the Germans. Later, Biden would run on the promise of “restoring” their relationships, but mixed results. Unfortunately, this has happened again as Russia continues to occupy Ukraine.

Few sanctions would genuinely cause Russia to bleed, but cutting Russia’s entire financial industry from the SWIFT system would be a significant blow. With a full-fledged invasion already underway, people assumed now was the moment to fire the bullet finally. Why hold anything back at this point?

Furthermore, even though their foolish energy policies mainly assisted Putin’s move, the Germans are again standing in the way of a US initiative to isolate Russia from SWIFT. In doing so, they are daring Joe Biden to question them, which is in doubt. Biden has long required the consent of the Eurotrash leadership, and he has made it a point to never make a move without it.

Therefore, the US is working from a position of weakness, and the present President does not appear to be willing to tell the Germans to pound sand. It should serve as a reminder that partisanship should be limited to their borders. The ambition to possess Donald Trump should not have taken precedence over appropriately dealing with Germany.