German Politician Warns WHO Pandemic Treaty Marks Abolition of Democracy

German Member of European Parliament (MEP) Christine Anderson delivered a speech earlier this month to the EU opposing the proposed World Health Organization (WHO) pandemic treaty. She warned that the agreement marks the continuing “abolition of democracy by the global elites.”

She said that the proposed treaty is being presented to the EU as a means for improving the global response to pandemic conditions although the actual purpose is to permit the WHO to “seize executive governance powers” of EU nations if a pandemic is declared.

She said that transferring the power of government to any non-elected agency is the “exact opposite of democratic recourse” and removes accountability and control over officials. She declared that the treaty “amounts to no less than disenfranchising the people,” and called on the members of the EU parliament to protect the rights of the people.

Anderson also told citizens of member states they should write to their MEPs to let them know they should not support the WHO agreement.

LifeSiteNews has prepared a petition against the agreement that explains it could include 194 member states “representing 99% of the world’s population.” It warns that the treaty would empower a WHO Director General to “dictate exactly how your nation would respond” to a declared pandemic. The agreement was said to be another attack on national sovereignty by globalist organizations like the World Economic Forum (WEF).

The petition also notes that the agreement would empower the WHO Director General to declare health emergencies even when an affected country objects.

As the media is presenting sensational coverage of recent monkeypox cases in Europe and the U.S., the push to adopt and ratify an international pandemic treaty is intensifying.

Anderson said in an interview last week that when citizens lose control over officials if the treaty is adopted, “you can bury democracy altogether.” She pointed out that the WHO is not subject to being brought before a court if it violates civil or human rights.

She went on to say that the elitists in charge of the WHO are funded by the “richest of the super-rich” interests around the world. She said they are not interested in democracy or fundamental rights.

During the interview, Anderson restated her plea to citizens to tell their MEPs directly that they must oppose the WHO treaty.