German “Iron Dome” Boosts Defense

The Russian invasion has had an effect on Europe that will outlast the current invasion into Ukraine. According to a report by Bloomberg, Germany is seeking to improve and strengthen its military forces with an advanced missile defense system.

Some of the possible defensive missiles the German government wishes to purchase may include the THAAD made in the U.S., or the Arrow-3 made by Israel. Last week, the German government increased its defense budget. The current German defense system is said to be ineffective due to only having 12 anti-rocket units for the protection of the country. The Iron Dome, which is an Israeli missile defense system, is expected to increase the protection provided to Germans.

However, the German government has not yet made a decision to use these missiles as part of the defense system.

Other countries have also shown interest in the Iron Dome after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Reuters outlined that recently the Ukrainian president Zelenskyy compared the Russian invasion of the country with Germany’s violence over the Jewish community in the past. He then shifted to a stance demanding that the Israeli government should be providing Ukraine with the Iron Dome missile defense system.

The president questioned the Israeli government’s neutrality in the war by asking why they haven’t been taking action against the Russians by endorsing sanctions on them.
German news channel n-tv reported that the installation of the Iron Dome would help the nation to strengthen their defense against threats. The channel further stated that the defense system is even capable of additionally protecting the Baltic States, Romania and Poland.