George Takei Roasted For Defending Naked Pride Parade Marchers

Actor George Takei was roasted on Twitter after he openly defended nude “Pride” parade marchers who exposed themselves to children.

As “Pride Month” is in full swing, numerous videos have emerged of explicit, inappropriate and disturbing behavior occurring in public during “Pride” parades — including a man in his underwear gyrating his hips at a group of children in Minneapolis and activists chanting “We’re coming for your children” in New York City.

One of the most egregious examples of this degeneracy occurred in Seattle, Washington — where LGBT activists rode bicycles down the street while completely nude, with children clearly visible in the crowd.

Responding to a tweet from Democrat sycophant Ron Filipkowski complaining that conservatives will use this against the LGBT community, Takei defended the nude bicyclists.

“Even if there were no naked guys on bikes this year, they would find picture or generate them and push the same agenda anyway. There’s no ‘fixing’ this by calling for self-censoring,” the openly-gay “Star Trek” actor tweeted on Sunday.

Takei received heavy backlash for his defense of the blatantly illegal and disturbing behavior, with people mocking him and other members of the left who reflexively defend these acts to show fealty to the LGBT movement.

“Ask yourself a simple question Mr. Takei How far are you willing to take this,” Dr. Jordan Peterson replied.

“One of the great tweets of all time,” responded Ben Shapiro, who paraphrased the tweet as the following: “Yes, sure, gay dudes naked on bikes in front of children is happening. But if it weren’t, the Right would just AI it into existence. So we shouldn’t stop doing it.”

“Can you just call a spade a spade and point out that being naked around children is not okay, or is that too much to ask?” another Twitter user asked.

“Ya know, you could just not wag your genitals at children for its own sake. Wild idea, I know,” another user commented.

“Free speech is great because it gets people like Takei to show us who they really are. Don’t self-censor, George. You’re doing great,” another response read.