General Michael Flynn Has Filed A Restraining Order Against Nancy Pelosi

General Michael Flynn has filed a complaint to prevent a congressional committee from examining the attack on the United States Capitol on January 6. He’s also applied to a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction against Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker. It’s always wonderful to see someone pushing back against this modern-day American version of the Stalinist show trials, which is much too rare.

Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn claims congressional investigators issued him “sweeping and broad requests,” claiming he had nothing to do with Russia. According to the Western Journal, he received a subpoena demanding that he give over records and attend a deposition. According to Flynn’s lawsuit, the Subpoena required him to deliver papers covering a year and a half by November 23, 2021. It also called for him to testify in front of Congress on December 6, 2021, nearly three years after he departed Trump’s Administration.

Moreover, Flynn was not present at any such meeting, and he would not have been involved in its preparation. Flynn’s lawsuit indicates that he has reservations about the 2020 presidential election’s fairness.

For years, he has been one of the most outspoken opponents of the failing foreign policy establishment that the Biden administration has resurrected. Flynn asserted in August 2015 that the Obama administration had taken “a conscious decision” to back Al-Qaeda in Syria in its fight against the Assad regime. It appeared as though Trump’s foes had prevailed when he fired Flynn, but it was their witch-hunt against him that exposed the entire Russian connection fiction.

According to news, Nancy Pelosi and the House Foreign Affairs Committee’s witch hunt against Michael Flynn on January 6 reveals they still see him as a danger to their worldview. He is now facing accusations of contempt of Congress for refusing to participate in the witch hunt. He adds that Nancy Pelosi’s concern for anyone’s constitutional rights, especially those of someone she has targeted and scapegoated, is ludicrous.