Gavin Newsom Blames Republicans For Border Crisis After Monday Visit

California Gov. Gavin Newsom (R) blamed Republicans for the ongoing crisis at the border, even though millions of migrants have crossed the border to take advantage of President Joe Biden’s loose policies.

In 2019, Biden encouraged migrants to “surge” to the border. In his first months in office, he halted construction of the border wall and rolled back most of former President Donald Trump’s enforcement policies. Asylum seekers were no longer required to remain outside the U.S. until their cases were settled under the “remain in Mexico” policy.

Only the Title 42 policy, which allows the U.S. to keep migrants out for public health reasons, stayed in force. The Biden administration is worried about the surge that could result if Title 42 is dropped — even though mass migration is already happening in advance of the policy change.

During his visit to Imperial County, Newsom checked a facility for migrants. Even though the government is run entirely by his own party, he criticized it for not providing more funding. The state can’t keep funding migrant services alone, Newsom said. But the border crisis is one of the only things Democrats have shown little interest in spending money on.

Afterward, Newsom blamed Republicans and the conservative media for “politicizing” migration. “Everyone needs to get off their ideological perch and start dealing with the reality in a comprehensive manner,” Newsom said. According to the California governor, President Biden’s immigration reform package was a positive start to his presidency. But he criticized Congress for not providing more money for migrants.

The Democratic Party has been holding up border security to obtain “comprehensive immigration reform,” including amnesty and voting citizenship. Newsom’s visit contrasts with Biden’s recent refusal to visit, despite being in the border state of Arizona. Biden has never been to the border in his 50-year political career.