Gas Station Employee Takes Down Armed Robbery Suspect

An attempted robbery at an Avondale gas station in Arizona was foiled when the employee behind the counter shot the suspect after he pointed a gun at him and a customer.

The incident happened Wednesday morning at a gas station situated around 107th Avenue and Indian School Road. The clerk, who authorities identified only as Brian, narrated the events of the morning, saying that the suspect came into the store — face covered — and pointed the gun at him and an innocent customer.

The suspect mumbled some words Brian made out as “rob” and “money.” Knowing why the suspect was there prompted Brian to take action as he told Fox 10 that it was apparent what the masked customer was at the store for the moment he brandished his gun.

In an attempt to defend himself and the customer, Brian pulled his gun and shot the suspect, who was distracted by another customer in the store and had turned his back to the clerk.

The suspect was transferred to a hospital and is reportedly in critical condition. No other injuries were reported in the incident.

For Brian, the shooting was a one-time opportunity in the midst of the danger he and the customers of the store were faced with.

“I had the opening to pull my gun and shoot. That’s pretty much the whole thing,” Brian explained in a conversation with 12 News.

While the clerk hated that he had to shoot the suspect, he is not beating himself up about it as he told the outlet that the suspect called for it. “The moment he pulled the gun on me he set the situation,” he stated.

Brian says his reaction to the attempted robbery, which police commended, was prompted by his training as a graveyard shift worker, which taught him to be vigilant. His weapon training also came from the job, according to him.

Authorities say they are still investigating the incident. As part of their investigation, they will review surveillance footage from the gas station.