Frustrated Black Democrats Behind Effort To ‘Turn Chicago Red’

As communities nationwide are impacted by the border crisis brought on by President Joe Biden’s lax immigration policies and “sanctuary city” provisions implemented by leftist leaders at the state and local levels, a growing number of once-loyal Democrats are starting to consider supporting Republicans.

This has been a growing trend in several big cities — including Chicago, Illinois, where Black residents in particular have pushed back against Democratic efforts to flood neighborhoods with undocumented immigrants.

A pair of Chicagoans who appeared on Fox News this week expressed their displeasure over the current state of leadership in the city and indicated that they were willing to give Republicans a chance to clean up the mess that generations of so-called progressive policies have created.

“The Democratic Party has always neglected to pay attention to the Black community,” insisted Cata Truss, who said she has generally voted for that party in the past. “This is traditional, and because we have been so committed to supporting that party they feel that they can continue to disrespect us, to marginalize us, to not hear our voices.”

She laid much of the blame on Democratic Mayor Brandon Johnson, who has attracted widespread criticism at multiple public meetings in recent months.

For his part, Mark Carter shared his belief that Democrats in Chicago and across the U.S. are ushering in a wave of undocumented migrants to “replace” Black voters — a bloc that has historically shown overwhelming support for the party.

Paraphrasing a common adage, Truss advised that voters “can’t keep doing the same old thing and expecting a different outcome,” concluding that the current situation calls for “the citizens of Chicago to turn Chicago red.”

A similar shift can be seen nationally in the latest presidential election polls. According to the results of a USA Today/Suffolk University survey released last week, Biden’s support among Black voters has dropped by 24 points — from 87% to 63% — since the 2020 campaign.

In a hypothetical 2020 rematch, the incumbent was also underwater among Hispanic voters, trailing former President Donald Trump 39% to 34%. That result is even more telling when compared to the fact that Biden led Trump 65% to 32% with Hispanics in 2020.