Free Speech is Under Attack By a New Enemy

Sadly, free speech (and the First Amendment at large) remains under very serious attack in the United States.

The Democrat Party is working to brand free speech as “hate speech,” “misinformation,” or “disinformation.” With this argument, it’s been said that any speech that’s perceived to fall into one of these three categories must not be allowed.

However, with leftists deeming themselves as the arbiters of what’s “hateful” or inaccurate, anyone who is not firmly on the side of Democrats is not getting a fair shake.

Earlier this year, Democrats viciously went after Spotify podcaster Joe Rogan, demanding for his episodes to be pulled from the platform. The left didn’t succeed in this regard; however, its activists are still not giving up.

Recent comments made by World Economic Forum (WEF) members shine a clear light on Democrats’ idealized version of speech allowed in America.

A Dystopian Outlook on Free Speech
During a recent Press Freedom panel, WEF members made no bones about their desire to restructure free speech.

According to officials of the organization, social media sites need to have algorithms that are programmed to boost content that comes from approved journalists.

Of course, this goes hand in hand with the campaign left-wingers have waged against their versions of “misinformation” and “disinformation.”

The Press Freedom panel didn’t stop there, though. Later, WEF members endorsed free speech online being “recalibrated” so that individuals are free of “violence” online. This, too, aligns with certain left-wing views that have said certain forms of speech are “violence.”

These remarks from the WEF mirror statements made by former President Obama several weeks ago. When the 44th president spoke at Stanford University, he clearly argued that free speech rights are not pertinent to social media.

Meanwhile, the current White House is also on record, endorsing higher levels of regulation and censorship on social media.

Strong Warning Signs For Americans
The comments of WEF members have since spread across social media like wildfire. This led to many people sounding the alarm about what’s to come if these people get their way.

Coincidentally, these latest endorsements of the restructuring of permitted speech come months after the president himself called for a New World Order.

Of course, concerns about these latest developments have been waved aside by people who support cracking down on First Amendment rights and, by extension, the United Constitution itself.