Fox News Liberal Juan Williams Composes Unscrupulous Op-Ed Assaulting ‘Parents Rights’

It is not sure whether liberals realize what a target-rich atmosphere they’ve created. Juan Williams claims that “parents’ rights” is a “code for white racial politics” when it comes to parents’ objection to their children being indoctrinated with Marxist-derived “critical race theory.” For a good reason, hardly anyone who watches Fox News daily takes Williams or Rivera seriously.

Juan Williams’ op-ed for The Washington Post is another example of how, for the sake of opposition, he halfheartedly trots out leftist rubbish that he knows is nonsense when he says or writes it. Gillespie received a boost from President Trump’s “Culture Wars” campaign, but he eventually lost the election to Democrat Ralph Northam.

Williams started a campaign to dissuade teachers from discussing Black Lives Matter rallies or slavery in the classroom because it would hurt some kids, mainly white kids who might feel guilty. “Parents’ Rights” is the rallying cry, and the campaign slogan appears to have nothing to do with race at first glance, he says.

In October, Condi Rice sparked outrage when she revealed on “The View” that she grew up in segregated Birmingham, Alabama, and attended segregated schools. According to Rice, her parents never imagined she’d grow up in a society free of bigotry, but they also told her, “That’s someone else’s issue, not yours.” You’ll conquer it, and you’ll be able to be anybody or whatever you want to be.

As Juan Williams rambled on about race during his monologue on The View, Whoopi Goldberg, Sunny Hostin, and Joy Behar smugly nodded in agreement. “I want Black kids to feel empowered to know that they are beautiful in their blackness,” he continued, “but I don’t have to make white kids feel horrible for being white to achieve that.”

After her 6-year-old daughter wondered if she was “born bad” for being white, something she was allegedly told in history class, a Virginia mother took her children out of school. When white parents complain that their children are uncomfortable learning about racism, the message is that they are being neglected. The most recent racist political appeals have a lengthy history.

Critical Race Theory, which focuses on racial inequities as a part of life in the United States, is not expressly taught in schools. Republicans, on the other hand, have used it as a boogeyman to stoke racial tensions and mobilize their base. According to a study by Christopher Rufo, the Virginia Department of Education encouraged public schools to “embrace critical race theory” (CRT) to “re-engineer attitudes and belief systems.”