Former Border Patrol Chief Just Sounded The Alarm On Massive Infrastructure Bill

The infrastructure bill is already controversial enough, but the $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill includes billions for amnesty for illegal aliens. It is what has been predicted by many over the last six months.

President Joe Biden and his administration are predictable. They allowed illegal immigrants from the south to come into the country, assuming they would vote Democrat when they arrived and got the capability to vote. Of course, they didn’t want to give Cuban citizenship while their country is crumbling beneath them, and their government is killing them and putting them in prison because they would likely vote Republican. It is the single most undercut to the idea of freedom and liberty we’ve ever seen.

Millions of illegal immigrants have crossed the United States’ southern border unchecked by the Biden administration, and it surges every day. Migrants awaited Biden to take office and fled into the United States. The infrastructure bill would cause that surge to increase drastically due to the $107 billion allocated for “illegal immigrant amnesty.”

The bill says:

The Judiciary Committee receives an instruction of $107 billion.

  • Lawful permanent status for qualified immigrants
  • Investments in intelligent and effective border security measures
  • Community violence intervention initiative

So, we will allow the United States to give amnesty for illegal immigrants and further their rights as citizens. Usually, this wouldn’t necessarily be a problem, and many illegal immigrants contribute to our society, but what we have is a problem that we don’t know who has come across the border and who hasn’t. If we want to move forward, we have to fix the border first, then talk about the legal status of illegal immigrants. We have to start with the contributors to society, then focus on the others.

Bipartisan support for the infrastructure bill will not happen. Too much of the bill is partisan and leans heavily on the Democratic side. That doesn’t represent the United States as a whole and won’t be good for our country. If infrastructure were the primary goal, there would be more than $67 billion going toward energy initiatives.

The bill states:

The Environment and Public Works Committee receives an instruction of $67 billion.

  • Clean energy technology accelerator that would fund low-income solar and other climate-friendly technologies
  • Environmental justice investments in clean water affordability and access, healthy ports, and climate equity
  • EPA climate and research programs
  • Federal investments in energy-efficient buildings and green materials
  • Appalachian Regional Commission and Economic Development Administration economic development and transition programs
  • Investments in clean vehicles
  • Methane polluter fee to reduce carbon emissions

Given that the Biden administration has done nothing at the border, it’s absurd to believe that the $107 billion would likely go toward providing illegal immigrants citizenship rather than providing more border security.

Nobody trusts Biden, and that’s the problem. If Biden cared about the border, he would have already made efforts to fix it, but he hasn’t. Biden will have to try another avenue if this doesn’t go forward.