Foreign Athletes Are “Being Warned” By China About Making Any Political Speech During Olympics

Chinese officials have warned Olympic athletes not to speak out against China’s myriad human rights violations, particularly the genocide of the Uyghur minority. The politicization of the games has always been frowned upon by the Olympics, which has stringent laws against it. “Any action or expression that is contrary to the Olympic spirit, particularly in violation of Chinese laws and regulations, is subject to serious penalties,” Yang Shu said. The Beijing Organizing Committee’s deputy director-general of foreign relations was Yang Shu.

Furthermore, Beijing has warned athletes and officials that their “speech” at the Olympics could result in legal action under Chinese law. According to the International Olympic Committee’s charter, “demonstration or political, religious, or racial propaganda” is prohibited at venues (IOC). However, China’s rule appears to be a little stricter than the IOC’s, raising questions about how Beijing plans to implement it. Beijing has encouraged athletes not to criticize China’s human rights record while competing in the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Concerns have been expressed regarding the Games’ political constraints and supervision, which begin next month.

According to the reports, Mr. Yang refused to clarify the maximum penalty for an athlete who broke China’s strict censorship standards. If an athlete violates Beijing’s strict criminal law, they should expect to go through the wringer before being permitted to leave the country. Another concern for Western nations is that the Chinese Communists are already snooping on athletes.

According to Citizen Lab’s study, the app’s code featured a list of political keywords and a tool that allowed users to report “politically sensitive” information. The Beijing Organizing Committee, according to a spokesman, was unaware of the political keyword list. According to a spokesperson, the app’s security weaknesses are being addressed.

The notion that the Olympic games are “beyond politics” is ludicrous and has never been confirmed in the modern Olympics’ 125-year history. It’s a never-ending ruse that only leftists and 5-year-old kids think promotes “international harmony.” The Olympics are governed by a secretive clique of extremely wealthy elderly guys who have worked to commercialize glory while maximizing corporate profits. Tens of billions of dollars are made from the rights to broadcast and use the Olympic logo.