Florida’s Covid Infection Rate Has Plummeted, So The Media’s Fixation With DeSantis Has Too

Florida is behind most other states in average daily covid infections now. So you don’t hear so much of Ron DeSantis, but back in August, when the cases plummeted, he was being accused of being one of the right-wing politicians who have formed a sort of death cult. Last month he was called the angel of death by Vanity Fair.  

New York Times Charles Blow talked about DeSantis resisting the economic restrictions and mask mandates imposed by the government as he allowed the Floridians to choose death so he could secure a more remarkable political life. While the left has been busy politicizing the pandemic for the past year and a half, nothing beats the attention they give to Florida regarding the rate of infections and for apparent reasons. Right now, they have been silent, and the numbers show why. 

Florida is 9th in the number of states with the highest average infection rate per day. While the state has a 59% vaccination rate, New York, with almost the same population with only 66% vaccination rate, has recorded double infection rates. Still, of course, no one will mention the Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul as the angel of death because the left only pays attention to the pandemic politics when DeSantis is at fault.

Looking at a clearer picture, Florida has not been the morgue that the left claims it is compared to the pandemic’s beginning date. Though there are plenty of other blue and red states with an even higher death rate than Florida, we don’t get to hear the names of their Governors because Florida has become a swing state. DeSantis is mainly a popular Republican now for his denial of Biden’s baseless mandates and because he plans to run.