Florida AG Calls Out Biden Admin: ‘Practically Open’ Border Leading to Fentanyl Deaths

Calling out the Biden administration, Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody said that the border is “practically open” and the drug cartels know it, which is leading to an increase in fentanyl smuggled into the U.S. that is killing thousands of Americans.

Appearing on Newsmax’s “National Report” on Wednesday, the Republican attorney general pointed out that the Border Patrol under President Joe Biden is just catching and releasing illegal immigrants, even those who work for the drug cartels.

“The cartels will send certain people across the border, knowing that the Border Patrol is no longer a Border Patrol,” Moody said. “It’s now border parole. They just welcome everyone and release them into the interior.”

Even a tiny amount of fentanyl can kill a person, she noted, adding that the reports of the quantity of drugs being trafficked across the southern border reflect “just the amount we know that has been intercepted.”

“Just imagine all that came in without detection,” Moody continued. “It’s enough to kill the entire U.S. population 10 times over.”

The Florida AG went on to say that the flow of drugs coming in is hitting Florida hard, pointing out that there were 19 fentanyl overdoses in just one small rural county over the Fourth of July weekend.

“We in law enforcement are speaking up,” Moody said. “We’re pleading with this administration to jump in this game and pay attention. You’re losing Americans and President [Joe] Biden, he hasn’t even said the word ‘fentanyl’ one time in one tweet since the beginning of this year.”

The Republican attorney general sent a letter to the president detailing how fentanyl has been the primary cause of death from overdoses in 2021, also noting that it was the leading cause of death in adults between the ages of 18 to 45.

Moody also noted that the wide-open border has left the U.S. vulnerable to other dangerous people besides the drug cartels, such as terrorists — pointing out that in the past year, 56 people were detained who were on the terrorist watch list.

“Anywhere in this country, if you talk to anyone, they know someone that has died as a result of overdose,” she said. “This is the biggest crisis in our country that our administration has not faced head-on.”

“They refuse to tackle it because they know they’ll have to start tackling the border, and we have seen it,” Moody said. “There isn’t an agenda at that border. They are doing nothing to secure this nation.”

She went on to assert that Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has “abandoned fully his role” in the agency he is supposed to be running, leaving the Border Patrol scrambling to do its best to catch up.

“I feel for the men and women on the border right now. They have no one in charge that wants to see to the security of this nation,” Moody said.

The situation at the southern border isn’t just affecting the states bordering Mexico, though. The problems have spread across the country, especially within the nation’s cities, which has made it difficult for members of law enforcement, according to Moody, and has made it hard to find people to do “these really hard, difficult jobs.”

In Florida, Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) has been actively recruiting law enforcement officers from cities across the country to come work in his state, Moody noted.

“As soon as we started hearing people talking about defunding the police, we started talking about how can we increase their salaries. How can we train them better? How can we help them move down here and have the resources to do that?” she said. “They have seen our message.”

According to Moody, officers aren’t only moving to the Sunshine State for its beaches, but “for our values.”