Flores Slams Biden Administration for Politicizing Border Crisis

Texas Rep. Mayra Flores raised red flags Wednesday as to how the Biden administration’s politicizing of the southern border crisis is victimizing migrant children.

Admitting that “nothing surprises me anymore,” Flores expressed that south Texans are tired of having an issue politicized that should not be. She called wanting safe borders a “red, blue, and white issue.”

Calling out the White House for the sad spectacle of thousands of children crossing the border, Flores said that if we are serious about ending child sex trafficking, “we need to secure out borders.”

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas recently declared that the southern border is in fact “secure.”

Of course, this is the same Biden administration that ran press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre out in front of the media Monday. Her now-infamous quote that migrants are not just “walking” across the border shows the level of ignorance pervading the White House on the crisis.

As there is photographic and video evidence from everyday disproving this misstatement, the criticism was swift and punishing. Many called for a “fact check” of this blurb, though with a Democratic mouthpiece that is highly unlikely.

A Republican women’s coalition that included Flores visited the southern border Tuesday to raise awareness of the plight of women and children migrants as they come to the U.S.

The coalition was formed by the Winning For Women Action Fund, part of the Winning for Women conservative advocacy group. The group walked the region between McAllen, Texas and Reynosa, Mexico. They met with both law enforcement and trafficking victims.

Flores called out Biden and Vice President Harris, the so-called border czar, for not visiting the area and seeing the chaos for themselves. She deemed it a “national security issue” that the White House ignores and said she doesn’t know what it will take to draw attention.

The Texas congresswoman scolded Democrats and the Biden administration for taking Hispanic votes for granted. Hispanics, she said, need real representation in Washington and want secure borders just like most others. That representation, she added, will change with GOP wins.