Flint, Michigan Gets Sued By The RNC

With the midterm elections now being one week away, heightened attention is directed towards election security. This means pumping the breaks on measures like ballot spoiling and illegal ballot harvesting that can be used to tamper with the voting process.

Many of this year’s elections are expected to be close, which could incentivize people who want to cheat.

Across the country, Republicans are hard at work to make sure that elections are fair and see to it that every legal vote is counted. This work is also why Flint, Michigan is being sued by the Republican National Committee (RNC) over its election practices.

What to Know About the Lawsuit Against Flint
According to the lawsuit, Flint hired far more Democratic election inspectors than Republican ones. This is in breach of Michigan law which mandates that election inspectors in each precinct must equally include Republicans and Democrats.

Given that Flint hired only 120 GOP election inspectors out of a total 680, they are far off from the 50% mark. Therefore, the RNC is pushing for the court to make Flint right this wrong and hire the amount of GOP inspectors they’re legally obligated to have on board.

Like other states across the country, Michigan is viewed as a huge battleground where this year’s races could potentially go either way. This makes it all the more critical that communities are appropriately and legally handling elections.

A Problem That Requires More Attention
If Flint, Michigan is hiring far more Democratic election inspectors than Republican ones, there is a very good chance other cities across the state or nation are doing so.

This is a matter the GOP should be closely looking into and raising legal challenges against if the situation demands it.

Many Americans today are concerned about the security of our elections and whether or not Democrats will try to cheat. A huge part of putting these concerns to bed will demand making sure that election inspectors are fairly balanced.

Thus far, the results of the RNC’s lawsuit in Flint remains to be seen. Though there is no doubt that parts of the country will be watching how this all plays out.

If Flint is not made to follow Michigan state law and hire more Republican election inspectors, this will be another serious blow to US election integrity.