Few Americans Are Still Stuck In Afghanistan

Fewer than a dozen Americans who want to leave Afghanistan are still stuck there, according to the US State Department. According to the State Department, President Joe Biden’s State Department reports that fewer than one person wants to leave Afghanistan 110 days after his disastrous capitulation.

Moreover, Team Biden claimed it left around 100 US citizens behind for weeks after the bungled military evacuation but now claims it has “directly supported” 479 Americans and more than 400 green-card holders in getting to America after the late August military withdrawal. Hundreds more, of course, escaped without the help of the State Department.

“No One Left Behind” is tracking almost 10,000 Afghans and approximately 40,000 family members who are seeking Special Immigrant Visas authorized by Congress. More than 4,000 individuals, including family members, are still on the run from Task Force Argo. It is due to the rush of private people to fill the hole created by our government.

Furthermore, since the end of August, the US estimates 75,000 Afghans have arrived in the country, with another 3,000 being processed outside. However, tens of thousands remain trapped in Afghanistan and face Taliban vengeance if they choose to stay. There is enough money to relocate about 100,000 people until next summer, targeting 200,000 people by next spring.

Regardless of the statistics, it’s all part of an utterly unneeded chapter in the ugly history of the anti-war movement, which is still being written. Instead of holding a Democrat president accountable for his feckless and immoral acts, our national media has disgraced itself by ignoring these abandoned Americans and friends.