Fetterman Now Behind In Pennsylvania Senate Race

One key race in Pennsylvania could be the deciding factor as to whether or not Republicans win or lose the Senate next month.

Currently, GOP Senate candidate Mehmet Oz is competing against Pennsylvania Democrat John Fetterman. Both contenders are pulling out all stops to win. However, in recent months, the election has taken somewhat of a negative turn for Fetterman.

The Pennsylvania Democrat was previously ahead of Oz by several points in the polls. Though as more information about Fetterman’s past and his record on crime emerged, this lead narrowed down to a statistical tie.

Now, a brand new poll shows that Oz is currently the one leading Fetterman.

Great News For Republicans
According to Wick Insights, 49% of Pennsylvania residents back Oz, while only 45% are rallying behind Fetterman. This comes after Oz not only shining a light on the many issues surrounding the Pennsylvania Democrat, but also informing voters about what he’ll do for them if he’s elected.

Oz has committed himself to taking on crime, standing up for the rights of parents, and resisting the heavy-handed mandates that Fetterman was more than supportive of.

On multiple occasions, Oz invited his left-wing rival to debate. Though Fetterman first tried to weasel out of it. Eventually, he came around and said he would debate Oz. Yet, Fetterman only agreed to a date that comes after the start of early voting in Pennsylvania.

Concerns about Fetterman’s health continue to emerge as well. Since having a stroke back in May, the Pennsylvania Democrat has run into issues with speech and hearing. Voters are expressing significant reservations with Fetterman’s refusal to release his medical records, despite multiple requests.

A Much-needed Win
There are less than three weeks remaining before the midterm elections are over. If Oz is able to keep his current momentum going, it’s very likely he’ll win this race.

Pennsylvania is a key battleground state. A GOP victory would send a message that Americans of all political persuasions are rejecting the types of far-left reforms that Fetterman and other Democrats support.

After the past nearly two years under a Democrat-led Congress, Republicans need as many House and Senate seats as possible. As these midterms wrap up, Americans can expect to see more polls covering congressional candidates, especially in swing states.