Feds Seized Sensitive Documents From Trump Home in June

CNN is reporting that federal investigators also seized “sensitive” national security documents in June from former President Donald Trump’s Florida resort home. The revelation comes in the wake of the unprecedented FBI raid on Monday that sparked widespread anger and condemnation.

Reports say a subpoena was issued in June before a meeting at the Trump home, and investigators were shown some documents that were in the basement. Trump’s attorneys cooperated with the subpoena and handed over the documents, making it unclear why the Monday raid was executed.

CNN said the attorneys gave investigators documents labeled “top secret” or higher. The former president greeted the agents at the Palm Beach property in June with pleasantries, said he “appreciates” the effort they were putting in and offered assistance for anything they needed.

On Trump’s Truth Social platform Wednesday, he said the DOJ and FBI asked that a special lock be placed on the door where the boxes were stored in his home. The Wall Street Journal said Thursday that a written request was made for the lock and it was installed the next day.

Investigators are said to have executed Monday’s search warrant over evidence gathered, including from one witness, that further documents of concern were there.

It is being reported that the tip came in the days following the meeting with Trump’s attorneys and the documents being handed over. The Journal said that a subpoena was received on June 22 for security camera footage at his residence.

The June search came months after the National Archives gathered 15 boxes of documents from the residence that reportedly held some classified materials.

Following the latest search, Trump spokesman Taylor Budowich said that the “unprecedented and absolutely unnecessary raid…was only the latest and most egregious action of hostility” by the White House against the former president.

It has taken days for the Justice Department to make any attempts to clear up confusion on Monday’s raid of the former president’s Mar-a-Lago estate. Critics nationwide loudly wonder why President Joe Biden’s potential 2024 opponent would be targeted in such a high-profile manner.