Fauci’s Wife Supported Child COVID-19 Vaccine Trials

Since their inception, COVID-19 vaccines have been highly controversial. Many Americans questioned the speed at which these vaccines were produced and then distributed for consumption.

Others pushed back against the notion that widespread vaccination was necessary for a virus that is generally survivable for most individuals.

Then, when officials began handing out cash payments, free donuts, and other “rewards” to people getting their COVID-19 vaccines, it raised more red flags for many Americans.

The controversy then deepened after COVID-19 vaccine mandates were put into effect.

People lost their jobs for refusing to get this vaccine, despite it later coming out that COVID-19 vaccines lacked the ability to save recipients from being infected with the virus or spreading it to others.

Now, even more people are talking, amid a shocking revelation about Dr. Christine Grady, the wife of White House COVID-19 adviser Anthony Fauci.

Forcing Children Into COVID-19 Vaccine Trials?
Not long ago, Grady, along with other health officials, penned an article in the Pediatrics journal that endorsed child enrollment in COVID-19 vaccine trials. The article also suggested ways of getting children enrolled in the trials.

In making this claim, Grady specifically stated that having children involved in these vaccine trials before the vaccine was even declared safe and effective for adults was merited.

Apparently, the “delay” that would otherwise follow vaccination approval would cost too much to society at large. In Grady’s book, getting children in on these trials ahead of adults constituted a great way to speed the process along.

However, other health officials did advise that the children they wanted to be enrolled in these trials should share “similarities” to the adults who would also be involved.

It’s also worth noting that the vaccine trials referenced by Grady were funded by the National Institutes of Health. This also just so happens to be an organization where Fauci works as the director.

Many Americans view this, alone, as a conflict of interest.

No Word From Fauci?
Grady’s work as an NIH bioethics head raises questions about whether her decisions could be motivated by her husband directing the NIH, along with nationwide COVID-19 policies.

Thus far, Fauci hasn’t come out to defend this. He also hasn’t defended his wife calling for children’s enrollment in COVID-19 vaccine trials.

However, the White House adviser is now daring Republicans to investigate him if they have problems with how he’s served in the federal government. Much of the GOP looks forward to taking Fauci up on this challenge after the midterm elections.