Father And Coach Punished For ‘Misgendering’ Transgender Student

The father of a Vermont girl who spoke out against the school district allowing a biological male in the volleyball locker room has been punished for “misgendering” the transgender student.

Travis Allen was suspended without pay from his position as the Randolph Union Middle School girls’ soccer coach.

The saga began in late September when several members of the Randolph Union High School girls’ volleyball team spoke out about a trans teammate being allowed to use their locker room. They also said that the biological male made an inappropriate comment.

WCAX-TV in Burlington reported that the school district banned the volleyball team from their locker room after the controversy ensued, and then the media outlet pulled the story.

One of the girls who spoke out against having a biological male in the changing room was Allen’s daughter, Blake. She made clear that she did not want him changing in the same room and that charges of harassment and bullying should be dropped.

When the guardian of the trans student spoke out on social media, Travis Allen responded. He wrote “the truth is that your son watched my daughter and multiple girls change in the locker room.” Allen added that the girls were “violated.”

He closed his remarks by asking “how you would feel if I watched you undress?”

Superintendent Layne Millington wrote a letter Tuesday confirming that Allen was suspended from his coaching job without pay because he “misgendered a transgender student in our district.”

Milligan acknowledged that Allen is entitled to his opinion but he publicly put himself “in opposition to the principles the district and its coaches are compelled to uphold.” He said the father offered two solutions but both were “insufficient.”

The district, on the other hand, “recommended” a public apology. This was refused, and Milligan said at that point Allen was suspended without pay for the remainder of the season.

Allen told the Daily Signal that he considered the apology to be able to coach his youngest daughter for the rest of the soccer season. However, that would entail not standing up for what he believes in, and “I just can’t do that.”