Experts Call For ‘Forever-Masking’

It’s official. The flu is back. After a two-year hiatus, it seems the flu is back in action and the experts are warning it could be the worst flu season in years.

Three experts collaborated to share their perspectives on what should be done about the returning illnesses in an op-ed for NBC News.

The article lists the experts and their credentials as, “Abdullah Shihipar, research associate at the People, Place and Health Collective; William Goedel, assistant professor of epidemiology at the Brown University School of Public Health; and Abigail Cartus, postdoctoral research associate in epidemiology at the Brown University School of Public Health.”

They have a couple of things in common such as their work backgrounds, their ties to White House coronavirus response coordinator Ashish Jha (the “God gave you two arms for double shots” guy), and their belief that the answer to the increased in the flu, along with COVID and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), is to bring back the masks.

The article argues that the “tripledemic” — a hot new phrase — is a reminder that respiratory illnesses are here to stay even though COVID might be over. They share that they’re thankful for their “toolkit” that was acquired during COVID and believe we “should start with the most basic and flexible level of protection: masking.”

It seems they didn’t get the memo from “experts” all over the globe but then again, a good portion of the world is still under the mask spell.

The “experts,” tied closely to White House officials, went on to say that, “Masks work and, critically, they don’t need to work perfectly to have a positive impact” — one wonders what positive impact they’re referring to.

The masks may not prevent transmission but it’s their belief that masking has “helpful psychological benefits,” although they don’t share what those benefits might be.