Infrastructure Bill May Have Ended Biden’s Presidency

With the Biden Administration going on a spending spree and patting themselves on the back for spending $1.2 trillion that we don’t have on infrastructure bills and that too isn’t infrastructure mostly. What they need to focus on is whether they just destroyed the leftovers of the Biden Administration.

The way spending is happening in Washington right now is that only a few vocal congress critters have held a massive infrastructure bill hostage that the majority has agreed upon unless an even more massive bill is passed that the majority does not agree upon. It is due to political stances like these that people hate politics. Jonathan Chait of New York magazine mentioned the situation between CPC and the rest by saying that such bipartisan bills are always shaped by the preferences of those in congress closest to the middle, and their colleagues have to go along with it. Chait expressed the holding of the infrastructure bill as hostage ‘the AOC’s time to shine.’

Bernie Sanders crafted the larger bill, so while the smaller bill had already passed the Senate, the CPC members would vote against it if the Bernie Sanders crafted bill was not taken into account alongside. But the Sanders bill had to be passed via reconciliation because no Republican would vote for the horror that is this bill, and the Democrats had to avoid a filibuster. 

Despite multiple hurdles and Joe Manchin holding off his vote on the massive spending bill, Pelosi, the arm wringer, managed to gather enough votes for the smaller bill (the infrastructure bill) despite the majority party members being unwilling to agree to it. But while Pelosi and her teammates are busy celebrating the victory of the infrastructure bill, the Build Back Better plan might be in harm’s hands.